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We are an Agri & Nano-Enterprise FinTech. We have created this unique Community Credit platform to undertake last mile engagements with verified marginal farmer communities in clusters, helping them adopt better income generating farm-based activities by providing them with credit linkage along with backward and market linkages.

We help marginal farmers adopt integrated and intensive farm-based activities by providing them with farm-specific business and financial plans, complete resource support, expert training, and handholding to improve their knowledge, skillset, and productivity.

In essence we are helping farmers increase their income generation from their livelihood by providing them with cash flow linked credit support. Today, we provide Sericulture Loans, Chilli Loans, Turmeric Loans, Banana Loans, etc. along with loans for allied activities like intercrop, animal husbandry, poultry, etc.

We Target 7 UN SDGs

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We have created a new template of agriculture financing that brings together all the stakeholders of the agriculture ecosystem i.e. Farmers – Bankers – Government – Vendors on to a single platform that enables them to work with each other and achieve their respective objectives.

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19 Apr 2023

Why small and marginal farmers should adopt mulberry sericulture in their farm.

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