Financial Institutions

Key Challenges

Financial Institutions want to extend lending support to the farmers and help them increase their income by adopting better livelihood activities. However, they are unable to verify the end use of the borrowed funds, monitor the activities of the borrower post deployment of funds, and ensure repayment of monies borrowed from the income generated by the borrower. There are additional operational challenges including resource availability, accessibility, network connectivity, etc. that limit the ability of the financial institutions to extend credit support to farmers.

How do we solve their problems?

We manage the entire ground level operations by providing the following services:

  • Identification, selection and management of credible / eligible farmers - cluster model
  • End User Confirmation - Cashless Model - direct payment to select vendors, suppliers, contractors and other facilitators
  • End use monitoring - Use of Technology, Processes, and Resources - to ensure input resources provided to the farmers are utilised properly and activities are executed properly
  • Project monitoring - end-to-end monitoring right from pre-plantation to harvest
  • Securing Loan Repayment Mechanisms (cash entrapment)
    • Helping farmers take benefit of different Government Subsidies and use the monies received towards loan repayment
    • Engage forward linkage market players to secure sale of produce/output and routing funds to repayment
    • Support Self Help Groups, Farmer Producer Companies to procure produce/output and ensure repayment through value-chain financing model.
  • We bring credible value chain partners including vendors, suppliers, contractors, and buyers to ensure proper execution of the project.
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