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The main purpose behind developing an agri tech stack is to achieve three objectives;

  • Create a database from primary and secondary data sources that would help us build an Alternative Credit Underwriting model to evaluate the farmer’s credit position.
  • Effective and efficient systems and processes to plan, rollout, manage, and monitor the projects.
  • Build a robust information database and a dynamic analytics engine that would enable effective agri value chain activities.

Our platform and devices will be designed and implemented to collect, collate, assess, and understand ground level details on a dynamic basis, enabling us to take informed decisions at every step along the way.

We will be acquiring data at the source level i.e. farmer and farm level data and combining them with secondary data available from external sources including credit rating agencies, public data available from different Government agencies, which can be mapped to the farmer and farm, to ensure that we are able analyse necessary and relevant information, before and during the course of project implementation. More importantly, we will develop a proper credit underwriting model that will reflect the cash flow of the farmer subject to proper adoption of the project and the potential earnings from the projects where the farmers are inducted into.

By creating systems and processes to plan, rollout, manage, and monitor the project adoption and implementation on a continuous basis, we are ensuring at every step of the way that necessary steps are undertaken by those involved and responsible, timely interventions are undertaken where necessary, risks are mitigated, and most importantly of all desired outcomes are achieved.

Today we are collaborating with experts from some of the top technical institutions to design and implement state of the art agri IoTs that would be capable of functioning in the most remote and inaccessible regions of the country and it will be cost effective.

The premise here is that the farmers should achieve rapid economic transformation where there are significant income multipliers which will motivate the other farmers to take up integrated farming programmes with intensive farming. In order to achieve this a tech stack will serve as a backbone as it will negate the requirement of a lot of field personnel and provide technology backed solutions all the way from project planning to loan repayment.

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