Backyard Micro-Goatery

Tribal Farmers across India have a tradition of goat keeping as a part of small ruminant farming. However, they lack the understanding and potential of goat economics which can potentially add an income of Rs. 60,000 per annum.

Rearing of 8 - 10 goats is easy and can be done by landless labourers as well where the shed can be built in the backyard. Goats have the ability to survive on little vegetation and grass that is available in and around the farm. In addition to agriculture activities a micro Goatery establishment generates additional income to rural poor and helps the below poverty line farmers to conquer poverty and build resilient families. Goats can be reared by farmers / SHG members in the cluster due to low investment, low risk, capacity to use local feeds and easy management by family members. This sector has tremendous potential in employment generation and poverty alleviation permanently

The project will focus on assisting women in optimising their livestock resources and taking goat rearing as a potential livelihood activity. The project will focus on the induction of new animals, better housing and veterinary care, especially against certain well-known killer diseases like PPR ( Peste des Petits Ruminants). Necessary collaboration with government agencies would be set up to procure and administer necessary vaccines.

The programmes will be implemented in clusters so that capacity building, veterinary support, and marketing will be taken up in a more systematic manner involving modern retail. The activity therefore will provide them an opportunity to engage and earn income throughout the year. The project, if implemented, in true sense will help the rural women members to address all the constraints related to goat rearing.

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