Forward Linkage


Forward Linkage is a critical component of the agriculture value chain which to a greater extent drives the decision of farmers when it comes to the choice of crop. Each stakeholder in the ecosystem faces different challenges and shares different perspectives when it comes to forward linkage activities. Aside from demand - supply related issues, price and quality related concerns, the working dynamics between the stakeholders, the opaque nature of transactions, supply chain constraints, resource mobilisation, etc. create inefficiencies in the manner in which trade happens.

Our objective is to ensure all the stakeholders get the best possible value from every transaction that they engage in. To that extent, we have created this platform to bring them all together and ensure seamless and transparent exchange of information between the stakeholders accompanied with a fair and transparent transaction.

Farmer’s perspective: A farmer wants a credible buyer who offers assured purchase of their produce and good price per unit that helps them earn a decent income from their livelihood.

Buyer’s perspective: A buyer wants to know what quality and quantity of produce is available? and when? Knowing this detail helps them to anticipate the demand-supply condition in the market at the future date and accordingly offer a fair price for purchase. Our primary objective is to bring together both these parties in a manner that helps them transact with each other in a seamless, transparent and fair manner.

By securing the requirements of the buyers even before planning the project, we ensure the harvest will be purchased even before it is produced.

Secondly, we ensure quality inputs are provided and best practices are adopted all along the way to ensure quality output and desirable output is achieved.

By bringing together a cluster of farmers to adopt a specific high value crop, we ensure the economies of scale is sufficient enough to attract the market agents to purchase the produce at the farm gate, thereby reducing the logistics cost and improving the ease of procurement.

Additionally, our digital platform will offer a unique feature called the production calendar, wherein, we will map the farmer production details for eery projects of ours right from the time of sowing to the harvest season with complete insight on quality of the input materials, cultivation details, current state of the farm, expected output, expected quality of the produce, etc. across all the regions where we are working so that buyers can bid for the produce well in advance and secure their trades accordingly.

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