Key Pain Points

Today, there are two major challenges faced by farmers across India.

86% of them are small and marginalised farmers holding less than 2 hectares of land, which means they need to maximise the output from their farms in order to generate enough income to support and sustain a stable livelihood.

In order to maximise their income from their farms, farmers need help choosing the right crop, credit support to adopt the crop and forward linkage support to secure the sale of their produce and thus their income.

Our Intervention
  • We help farmers adopt suitable high income generating projects in their farm by bringing them together in clusters and provide them with complete resource support including backward linkage, forward linkage, and credit linkage.
  • We help the farmer cluster adopt intensive and integrated farming activities that would help them increase their income multifold times.
  • Our projects aim towards increasing the incomes of marginal farmers from Rs. 15,000 per acre per annum to over Rs. 1.5 Lakh per acre per annum, giving a 10X Multiplier within 18-24 months. We call this rapid economic transformation programme for marginal farmers.
  • We handhold the farmers to adopt the project properly with complete technical guidance and on-ground training from senior experts.
  • We source the best quality input materials and help them adopt best practices that would help them improve their productivity and output.
  • The result is better quality and quantity output leading to better price realisation and higher income.
  • Most importantly, we provide credit support from formal financial institutions as most of the marginal farmers have no access to formal credit.
  • We work with several financial institutions and have signed an MoU with State Bank of India for our cluster financing programme.
  • Our programmes also focus on on-boarding women farmers and work towards bringing in socio-economic equality in rural households.
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