Government Departments, Institutions, Multilateral Agencies, and Impact Organization

We closely coordinate and work with different Government Departments and Institutions in furthering their objective of extending support and benefits to small and marginal farmers.

By helping farmers apply for different applicable schemes, conforming to the norms of the same, we ensure farmers are able to avail the benefits available to them for adopting different remunerative livelihood projects.

Our platform helps the government departments and agencies to achieve their objectives in helping more farmers without any additional expense, in a transparent and efficient manner. It also helps them achieve convergence of schemes, directly delivering the benefits to the ultimate beneficiary.

Multilateral Agencies and Impact Organisations, who typically extend their support to farmers under various sustainable developmental themes, through government programmes and NGO projects, can extend their support to their desired beneficiaries through our platform.

Our system of involving different stakeholders within the rural ecosystem in an inclusive and transparent manner to achieve rural development goals makes it an effective and efficient approach.

Our technology driven end-to-end project management process ensures that every movement of goods and resources, every activity and involvement of people, in every project is planned, managed, and monitored to ensure desired outcomes are achieved and the impact is measurable.

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