Grassroot level organisations which are involved in rural development, especially those who focus on farmer livelihood, women empowerment, climate resilient agriculture, environment, biodiversity, socio-economic development, etc. share similar objectives like our organisation.

These organisations need support with
  • Developing technically and commercially viable rural livelihood projects, which will offer better income generating prospects for small and marginal farmers whom they are trying to help.
  • Providing credit linkage, forward linkage, and other value chain activities for farmers they work with.
  • Increasing the number of farmers benefited in their catchment under different programmes.
  • Increasing the socio-economic impact in the lives of the beneficiary from their investment.
  • Better standard operating procedures, systems and processes to manage and monitor project activities, inputs, outputs, and outcome.
How do we support them
  • Formulate, plan, rollout, and support the execution of different rural livelihood projects involving adoption of remunerative and progressive agriculture and allied activities in areas identified in consultation with the grassroot organisation.
  • Provide technical training and guidance to ensure farmers adopt the project properly
  • Extend financial support in the form of formal institution finance to farmers and leverage government subsidies where possible.
  • Support the farmers with backward and forward linkages to ensure seamless adoption of the project and sale of harvest by bringing in credible buyers offering better price realisation for the farmers.
The role of grassroot organisations
  • Select a suitable catchment area where both the organisations can jointly develop cluster based livelihood projects focusing on rapid economic transformation of small and marginal farmers through adoption of remunerative and progressive agriculture and allied activities.
  • Identify credible, progressive, and committed farmers in the area who will participate in the livelihood projects.
  • Manage farmer level communications, documentation arrangements, mobilisation, and coordination activities along with members from the Human Ventures team, Financial Institutions, and Value-Chain Partners to ensure arrangement of finances, deployment of resources and effective project rollout.
  • Support monitoring of farms, assets, and farmers.
Livelihood Projects
Spices, Herbs, Medicinal Plants
Animal Husbandry - cattle rearing, goat rearing, micro poultry
Integrated Development - mix of farm and non-farm projects
Value chain projects (micro and nano enterprises along the agri-value-chain)
Benefits of Collaboration
Given the overlap in objectives and synergy of working within the same ecosystem, sharing complementary capabilities and resources, both the organisations will be better positioned to reach out and help more farmers in the same region through collaborative effort.
The combined resources and support provided by both the entities will encourage and empower local communities and beneficiaries to adopt the suggested projects and generate higher income in a sustainable manner.
By addressing one of the key concerns of farmers and the financial institutions, i.e. getting buyers for the farm produce, we are able to support the grassroot partners in extending assurance to their farmers in participating in these livelihood projects.
Financial Inclusion
We will be achieving the ultimate objective of financial inclusion by providing the necessary credit support to the Small and Marginal Farmers, who otherwise are unable to access formal credit support to adopt better livelihood activities.
Income and Cash Flow Management
The outcome of our intervention is increased income and better cash flow management for the small and marginal farmers, which will lead to improved life and lifestyle.
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